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By joining the United States Association of Certified Title Agents you are showing your commitment to customer protection and the reputation of the Title Agent industry.

We are the most searched website for license verification and customer reviews for the Title Agent industry in the United States and thousands of consumers trust our research reports.

Joining USAOCTA is easy, we can approve most new members within 24 hours and your business report will reflect your certified status.

Displaying our Trusted seal on your website shows customers that you are committed to their safety and security and value their business. In fact, the average Title Agent experiences a 5.6 percent increase in phone calls after installing our trusted seal on their website and having a clean USAOCTA certified member report, which allows them to be listed as a recommended provider on non-certified member pages. Most consumers researching a company on our website will end up contacting the certified member that we recommend instead of the company they were originally considering if they discover that company is not certified.

We understand the damage that even a single negative customer review can do and we protect our certified members from the fake negative reviews commonly submitted by competitors by removing any pre-existing unverified negative reviews that were posted on a certified member’s report page and requiring new negative reviews to be notarized before we publish them. A recent survey by Zendesk concluded that 86 percent of consumers are influenced by negative online reviews.

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Membership benefits

Your Website Will Appear as Certified by USAOCTA

Show your clients you care about their security and have passed USAOCTA standards


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Thousands of Potential Clients Trust USAOCTA to Find Their Next Title Agent


Members Appear in Our Certified Title Agent Searches

Members Are Recommended on Listings of Non-Certified Members

Unverified Negative Reviews Are Removed

No Recommendations For Other Members on Your Report

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5.6% Average Increase in New Customer Phone Calls

Proudly Display The USAOCTA "Trusted" Site Seal

With almost a billion websites online it is hard for clients to know who they can trust.
With the media reporting new internet scams and security breaches daily, having your business verified
let's clients know you are one of the good guys

As a member of USAOCTA you can proudly display our "Trusted" seal on your website
to assure clients you are a trusted and certified Title Agent

Only $9.97 a Month

For Certification, Unlimited Customer Leads, Annual Website Malware Security Scan and "Trusted" Site Seal

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